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Do you want to be the person who awkwardly says “no” when someone asks if you went to the preconference?

Meet up, learn up, and tech up at the TechKnowledge preconference! We’ve handpicked some awesome education courses that will get your brain cogs spinning before the main event. The sessions will be more intimate, more interactive, and possibly more fun (shh, don’t tell the non-preconference attendees). You’ll network with peers who also see the benefits of attending early. And you will earn a certificate to show your pride, or you can use it for bragging rights—your choice.

Here are the preconference tracks you can take:

  • Education programs designed to teach the latest instructional strategies that promote application and organizational impact. Course topics include e-learning, instructional design, and learning technologies. Learners earn a certificate of completion.
  • A one-day workshop that demystifies how the brain really works and what makes learning stick.

Don’t miss out! Register for a TechKnowledge preconference ASAP. Space is limited.

These programs are not included in the full conference registration and you must register separately. To purchase a preconference program and a TK conference registration, you will need to add both to your shopping cart during the checkout process. If you have already registered for TechKnowledge and would like to add a preconference program, please contact our professional development specialists at 855.404.2783.

Preconference learning programs are one-, two-, three-, and four-day classes that run February 1-4. All programs require an additional fee.

Preconference Learning
CONF - TK2020 - Medina Wkshp - IMG 1-Day Workshop

The Learning Brain with John Medina

John Medina, a researcher and authority in brain science, and the author of the best-selling, Brain Rules, will present a one-day workshop that will help you cut through the hype to learn what really drives knowledge retention and performance. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Adaptive Learning Certificate

Receive hands-on experience designing and implementing instruction that adapts to individual learner needs in real time. Analyze your own content and learning goals, then design elements that will be used in an adaptive module. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Adobe Captivate Certificate

Discover all you need to know to create visually rich, artistic, and highly interactive e-learning programs. Earning the Adobe Captivate Certificate enables you to create effective e-learning content including text captions, images, screen characters, quizzes, buttons, and hotspots. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Articulate Storyline Certificate

Discover how to use Articulate Storyline to create innovative, interactive e-learning programs. Whether you are brand-new to the program or have experience, this hands-on Storyline 360 training prepares you to hit the ground running. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealmaster-correct.jpg Become A Master

ATD Master E-Learning Instructional Designer

Earning the ATD Master E-Learning Instructional Design designation prepares you to design and align learning to meet business objectives and makes you a valued partner to stakeholders. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Consulting Skills Certificate

ATD’s Consulting Skills Certificate improves your ability to use effective behaviors and processes for internal learning consulting within your organization. Learn More

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Designing Visuals for Learning Certificate

Strong visuals increase training impact. Learn to use the full capability of PowerPoint design to create instructional materials that increase understanding, recollection, and adoption. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate

Develop meaningful, memorable, and motivational e-learning programs. Gain the skills to develop effective instructional design for asynchronous e-learning. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Instructional Design Certificate

With instructional design training you’ll learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, completing a job/task analysis, and designing and developing courses using exclusive ATD templates. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Microlearning Certificate

In this highly practical course, you’ll get access to ATD’s MILE model for microlearning and leave ready to design and develop a practical and effective microlearning program. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Project Management for Learning Professionals Certificate

This course provides a simplified method, repeatable yet flexible, along with concrete steps to improve your project management skills. You’ll take with you a comprehensive approach to planning, tracking, resourcing, and managing learning projects. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Rapid Video Development for Learning Certificate

Gain the confidence to produce affordable, high-quality video quickly. Learn all aspects of shooting video, including planning, pre-production, shooting, recording sound, editing, and deployment. Learn More

TK2020-blackbackground-sealTest.jpg Earn A Certificate

Training Certificate

Gain a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function in this best-in-class train-the-trainer program. Through modeling of best practices and the latest techniques in training delivery, you will experience a live demonstration of exceptional facilitation skills. Learn More