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TK 2024 Title Hero

TK24’s programming is designed to cater to diverse learning needs, offering an array of session types that promise an impactful and immersive experience. This flexible approach allows attendees to advance their knowledge and skills in a way that best suits their preferences and objectives, making TK24 a conference that truly puts your learning journey in your hands. 

Active Learning Session

These interactive sessions are carefully designed to inspire active engagement from attendees, fostering meaningful conversations, activities, and real-time experiential learning. By actively participating, attendees gain practical knowledge and exchange ideas and insights, making the learning experience both dynamic and enriching.

Hands-On Learning Session 

Step into an immersive learning lab, where you’ll embark on a profound exploration of tech topics and have the opportunity to put learnings into practice. As you delve deep into these sessions, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding and acquire practical skills that can be seamlessly integrated into your job. 

Classroom Sessions

In a traditional presentation format, these sessions offer attendees valuable insights from industry thought leaders. Through sharing case studies, real-world applications, and a wealth of practical knowledge, participants gain actionable takeaways that can be applied immediately to enhance their expertise.