February 5–7, 2020, San Jose Convention Center

Technology is evolving the way people learn and the way they work.

You’re invited to embrace this change at an experience that meets you at your level and shows you the path forward. Whether you’re looking for new ways to use the technology you have or different solutions to achieve better results, the all-new TK will deliver.

We’ve redesigned it to provide education in various formats, creating an immersive experience with you in the driver’s seat. You’ll have the opportunity to choose how you learn best, whether from traditional lecture-style sessions, hands-on instruction, or experimentation and co-creation with your peers.

At TK, you will not be a passive attendee. You will be an active participant, sharing your knowledge and experience and making meaningful connections. Each day will build upon the previous, so that you’ll walk away with practical solutions you can implement immediately, not just a bunch of notes. You won’t find a traditional expo here either. You’ll have the option to meet with suppliers on your terms and to explore, in depth, the choices that make the most sense for your work. Join us as we embark on a learning experience unlike any other at the all-new TechKnowledge.

Are You A Creator, Curator, Collaborator, or Connector?
Find Out By Taking the Quiz
CONF-TK2020-Learning Style Quiz-Creator IMG Creator

You have an innate ability to make something from nothing. You follow your intuition and follow your big and bold dreams in order to feel like you're living.

CONF-TK2020-Learning Style Quiz-Curator IMG Curator

Your mind is your strongest attribute, it thrives on having quality problems to solve. You enjoy assembling vast libraries of knowledge.

CONF-TK2020-Learning Style Quiz-Collaborator IMG Collaborator

You thrive when you're working with others. You prefer an environment where you can bounce ideas off other people, ideate, and make improvements as a group.

CONF-TK2020-Learning Style Quiz-Connector IMG Connector

You're that person who has a gift for connecting people and ideas. You're likely an extrovert driven by social trends and thrive on surrounding yourself with the cutting edge of culture.