Episode 1: Back to the Future (TechKnowledge 2020)

A training department sometime in the 1950's ...

Learning Technology Conference for Talent Development Professionals
Augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, microlearning, and adaptive learning are no longer buzz words—they’re here to stay. It’s time to embrace the new learning landscape. Whether you’re tech-forward, tech-curious, or tech-savvy, at ATD TechKnowledge you’ll discover what’s hot in learning tech from practical how-to’s, advanced strategy and solutions, and everything in between. This is your one stop for e-learning, mobile and social, trending technology, virtual classroom, and much more.

Join us in 2020, February 5-7 in San Jose, California!
TechKnowledge 2019 Wrap-Up
See what you missed at our 2019 event.
Dick Jones
Consultant, Successful Practices Network
"ATD TechKnowledge is a calm port in a stormy ocean of training and development practice. The conference is an opportunity to exchange ideas with thought leaders and peers, recharge your creative batteries, and stock up new provisions of tools and products. TechKnowledge inspires you to rededicate to doing the work better so others may be more productive."
Nancy Santiago
E-Learning Producer, Department of Veterans Affairs
"I truly enjoyed this conference as it was at a smaller, more intimate scale than others I've attended. I see this conference as the ‘worker bee’ conference . . . attendees are the people who actually perform the job at their site. I loved the fact that all who attended this conference were there for the same thing, technology in training. Many of the sessions I attended covered things I will be able to implement in my daily work."
Andrea Franklin
Principal Associate Development Analyst, The Timken Company
"The ATD TechKnowledge conference provided a lot of useful information that I am able to quickly start to use when I return to work. The conference was fun; I met a lot of great professionals and spent time sharing new ideas. The presenters all did a great job with providing content that was relevant and easily applied to my current projects to enhance our learner experiences."
Sara Wynn
Training Manager
"I arrived at the conference expecting this to be consumed with LMS vendors similar to what I was currently using. I am happy to say that this conference was so much more than what I expected. I learned more new things from this conference than many others I have attended. Not only did I walk away feeling like I had the golden ticket and the right resources to take our training program to the future, I was also confident that our program will soon be in the forefront of innovative training for our industry, all to the benefit of our learners."
Ruth Simmons
Learning Experience Architect, Wilson Learning Corporation
"We are exploring new technologies for creating and delivering our training to our customers. At the TechKnowledge conference, I attended several sessions that provided invaluable information to apply as we explore our options. The time spent talking to vendors at the EXPO helped us determine what company products we liked and those we didn't. Over all my conference experience was exceptional."
Jodi Stende
Manager–Online Learning, Discovery Benefits Inc.
"The information I gained during the TK conference will greatly help me as a manager to continue moving my team forward in the e-learning space. The conference’s focus on technology was timely and will help my team create e-learning courses that are impactful for the learner."
Deborah Zenor-Davis
Senior Operations and Application Training Specialist, Grifols Diagnostic Solutions
"The Rapid Video Development course was amazing. It was the right amount of concept and hands-on practice. The workshops were fantastic. The instructors gave me practical tips I can implement now."
Nicole Smith
Educator, Baptist Health
"This was my first professional conference. I was unsure what to expect. This conference gave me a lot of useful tools to take back to my job. It has given me some great ideas for future courses and how I deliver some existing courses. In addition to the classes, I was able to network with other learning professionals in various industries. We were able to discuss differences and similarities that we face daily. The QR code game was another fun layer to incorporate technology and gamification."
K. Laura Linantud
Graduate Student, American University
"Attending my first TK was an easy decision. After working in the healthcare industry (holding various positions in IT, operations, and training) for 24 years, then starting a graduate program in instructional design and learning analytics, it was critical for me to gain exposure to what was going on in the learning and development industry out in the real world. The conference provided the perfect balance of educational sessions, speed sessions, and hands-on learning workshops in addition to downtime to network and recharge. The session presenters were knowledgeable, relatable, and extremely accessible before and after the sessions. The conference mobile app kept me informed and organized, allowing me to prepare my schedule and create an optimal experience. I hope to attend this conference annually!"
Alexander Salas
Learning Experience Designer, Dell Technologies
"This was my second time at TK and it keeps getting better. I was amazed by the impressive mix of talent development experts and engaging networking activities. Where else can you meet instructional designers, learning technologists, decision makers, and expert facilitators while learning and having fun?"