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Thank You For an Amazing TK24


We appreciate all the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who made TK24 exceptional!  A special thank you to each participant, both in person in Los Angeles and virtually, for making this event truly remarkable. Your participation and support have been instrumental in shaping the success of TK24, and we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you.

Thank You to Our Co-Headliner Sponsors


Where Learning & Tech Converge.

In a world where technology is a part of our daily routine, TK24 is the ultimate stage for learning tech aficionados.

ATD TechKnowledge is an immersive three-day experience with a close-up look at the latest learning technologies, analyzing industry trends, and showcasing innovative approaches to L&D. Together, we’ll tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and foster growth in the L&D field.

Keynote Speakers

Sinead Bovell Mick Ebeling


Map Your Plan

TK’s seven learning tracks help you build on existing skills or develop new ones.


What Past Attendees are Saying

  • Thank you for an amazing first conference! This conference offered much more than I ever expected. It has been great to see everyone who believes in training and learning as much as I do! If you ever feel down due to work challenges, reignite your passion for learning by coming here! Useful, engaging, and fun knowledge sharing experience you will not regret!
  • The balance of live, pre-recorded, and supersessions was phenomenal. I loved the interaction on the virtual platform...nicely done.
  • This is the first educational development conference I've ever been to! My mind was so full of information, and I loved it! I love learning about developing content and while Tim Slade and others don't think kids grow up wanting to be Instructional Designers, it's only because I didn't know it was a profession! Anyway, I had a blast and got a lot out of it. Thank you!
  • Having the ability to view everything in real time and return to it after the fact is invaluable. I've already gone back to several sessions and viewed a few new ones. While the networking aspect of in-person conferences is lovely, there were several benefits to being able to interact virtually as well.
  • This conference was an amazing experience! I learned so many things that I would love to implement into our project as I think that they could help us transition further into the digital age. I definitely want to attend next year! Thank you so much for hosting such an awesome conference.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors