Learning has evolved. So has TK.

Active learning, Not Just Passive Observation

Co-creation, experimentation, ideation? Take your pick! At the TK Playground, you’ll be immersed in a learning environment unlike any other. Take part in accelerated education sessions, hyper-focused conversations with subject-matter experts, and a wide range of hands-on learning activities. You will explore new solutions that meet your “right now” real-world challenges and take away practical ideas for what lies ahead. Be the hero of your own story. Explore action-focused stages that fulfill your mission.

  • Build: Development focused, hands-on sessions.
  • Disrupt: Facilitator-led conversations about industry issues. Be prepared to ask questions and share.
  • Spark: Find your next big idea. Focus on emerging areas and trends. Ignite presentations.
  • Connect: Networking-style sessions that are topic or industry-focused.
  • Advance: Skills-based sessions and discussions to help you hone your craft.
  • Explore: Mini case studies highlighting what's going on in organizations.

Play sparks creativity, and what you do here will ignite your potential.

Knowledge Sharing, Not Just Absorption

Everyone who attends TK brings value, and this new iteration of the event offers opportunities for participants to share their knowledge and experiences. Whether you prefer small group discussions or one-on-one conversations, our goal is to help you learn from each other, and we’ve designed the event to do just that.

Co-Creation, Not Just Demonstration

The challenges you face are not yours alone. Collaborate with others who share the same interests, passions, and experiences, and hear from others who have conquered similar challenges. Take your learning one step further by leveraging the opportunity to create solutions with other TK participants. The size and structure of TK facilitates a safe zone for you to seek out and share answers.

Supplier Meetings, Not Just Expo Booth Fly-Bys

At the new TK, there’s no expo; but there are valuable partner meetings and supplier sessions. Partner meetings allow you to select the organizations you want to learn more about and schedule dedicated time to meet on your terms. You'll share your challenges in advance, so they come prepared to discuss customized solutions. In 15 minutes, you can short circuit the sales process and get the answers you need to make strategic decisions when you go back to the office. At Supplier Sessions, you can see new technology in a demo environment. Ask questions or learn from what others are saying at these interactive product explorations.

Facilitated Connections, Not Just Informal Networking

We're committed to ensuring you make meaningful connections at TK.

Our event app has robust networking features including attendee matching, appointment scheduling, and more. With the ability to message others within the platform and dedicated meeting space on-site, you’ll easily be able to connect with other attendees. Ready to get started? Join a discussion group now to share your expertise and gain knowledge before you arrive.

But wait, there’s more! Gain tips for maximizing your TK experience at the Kickstarter event on Tuesday. Never dine alone by signing-up for the Meet to Eat dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Have some fun while you learn at the Hack-a-Thon on Wednesday evening.

Practical Takeaways, Not Just Notes

The TK experience offers a variety of ways to learn before, during, and after the conference. We want to ensure you get answers to all your questions and gather shareable, digestible, and actionable insights that will inform and influence your work for months to come.

There are conferences, and then there is TK. Experience it for yourself.