What is ATD TechKnowledge®?

Technology is evolving the way people learn and the way they work. We've learned more about the needs and demands of technology in the last year than ever before.

You’re invited to embrace this change at an experience that meets you at your level and shows you the path forward. Whether you’re looking for new ways to use the technology you have or different solutions to achieve better results, TechKnowledge will deliver. Join us as we embark on a learning experience unlike any other at TechKnowledge, or TK for short.

TK has been an must attend event for learning professionals since it was first launched in 1999 as the ASTD TechKnowledge® Conference & EXPO.


Who should attend:

• Chief learning officers
• Instructional designers
• E-learning professionals
• Learning architects
• Learning engineers
• Education and training professionals
• LMS administrators
• Project managers