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Practical education sessions, providing actionable tips and takeaways that can be applied immediately in your job. Hour-long sessions, including a live Q&A with the speaker.

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7 Myths of Video Creation
There are several myths about video creation - like you need expensive gear. Or it isn't easy to learn. Or you need a sizable budget to get a video that will work. During this session, well dive into the myths and see which ones hold water and which ones we can bust. Along the way, well look practical solutions and advice for overcoming the challenges of the medium, including tips on essential gear, keeping budgets affordable, and critical video editing skills.

Speaker: Matthew Pierce
BYOD: Step Right Up for the AR Sideshow SpectaculAR!
You there! Yes, you! Have you ever wondered about Augmented Reality? Have you heard some things and been wanting to check it out? Is your curiosity on overload?
Well, right this way, Ladies and Gentlemen, right this way! Dont be afraid to step right up!This is a session unlike any other! The AR Sideshow SpectaculAR is about to begin!
ifyouaskbetty presents not one, not two, but THREE unique AR experiences the likes of which you have never seen before! (I mean maybe). You dont want to miss this! Bring your device and get a chance to try out three top AR platforms! Youll leave inspired, motivated and maybe even entertained!
Come one come all to the AR Sideshow SpectaculAR!

Speaker: Betty Dannewitz
Create Dynamic, Visual, Interactive Presentations and eLearning Easily with PowerPoint
Presentations, and much eLearning, are linear tools to convey information in a strict order that you cant deviate from. But its not how your audience work. They want to ask questions, jump around, and engage in an active discussion, which is far more effective.
Amazingly, PowerPoint can help. Easily and quickly create interactive presentations, infographics, and eLearning, all with standard PowerPoint. Combine that with UI/UX design techniques, and powerful animation tools in PowerPoint like triggers, Zoom, and Morph, and youve got the basis for highly effective communication tools using dynamic, interactive content.
This session is packed full of examples of different approaches with live demo of how to create them all in PowerPoint.

Speaker: Richard Goring
Demonstrating the ROI for Mobile Learning Programs
The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has shown the necessity of proving the value of mobile learning programs. Executives require serious evaluation before approving new programs and robust evaluations are required on existing programs.
This session will focus on preparing and responding to these demands. To secure support and funding, mobile learning must deliver results. An ROI study showing how mobile learning delivered business value is highlighted, revealing principles that you can apply to programs projects to ensure success. This session also shows how designers developers can ensure that mobile learning will deliver results. Basic design-thinking principles are presented, focusing on delivering application and impact in mobile learning.

Speaker: Patti Phillips
Designing from the Heart! Learner Empathy and the User Experience
Thoughtful design of training is critical, but the Learner Experience tends to get lost in the urgency to cram all information onscreen, whether it really needs to be there or not. Keeping in mind learner empathy, human-centered deign principles,and how these practices relate to the overall Learner Experience can make the difference between a memorable training and a forgotten one. We will talk you through all of these concepts, and then teach you how to develop Learner Personas in order to truly support you in your learner empathy journey. If your content is falling flat because you aren't taking the learner into account, then its time to practice learner empathy techniques!

Speaker: Alicia Seguin and Debra Jensen
e-Learning Interactivity: 4 Design Lenses to Validate Your Interactions
Are you puzzled by how to create the most engaging online interactivity? Every guide calls for interactivity, yet rarely are guidelines for quality interactions provided. As a result, rote questioning and tedious busywork populate much e-learning. It doesn't have to be that way. Several areas of work suggest specific desirable qualities we should consider. This session looks to definitions of interactivity, principles of adult learning, guidelines for individualization, and game design principles to outline a single, concise, and powerful design model for effective online interactivity. Participants will leave with a proven approach to instructional challenges that consolidate best practices in these diverse disciplines.

Speaker: Ethan Edwards
Embrace Backchanneling: A Deep Dive on Enhanced Feedback
Have you noticed that your learners don't use their mics, cameras, chat, or QA during your webinar sessions? Maybe they don't want to have their comments, ideas or experiences tied to their names in a public forum, or perhaps there is something else. Aren't you intrigued by what they are not saying? Turns out there is immense value in what your learners can tell you if you give them the adequate tools and channels and help build their psychological safety. This session will help you understand backchanneling and the potential gains of this rich feedback-gathering experience. Moreover, well help you devise your backchanneling strategy and use five ready-to-apply techniques for your webinar sessions.

Speaker: Juan Mavo-Navarro
Evolving Leadership Development to Serve a Post-COVID19 Workforce
In a post-COVID19 world, leadership development has never been more important. Many practitioners are tasked with and struggling to design and deliver a meaningful leadership development experience without the legacy nearly-exclusive face to face component or ILT content that was hastily converted to VILT and leaves a lot to be desired. Imagine delivering an experience that supports leaders in their specific moments of need, that allows learners to engage meaningfully, together from anywhere in the world, that fosters connection, drives application and incorporates meaningful coaching. Come open your imagination to the future of leadership development.

Speakers: Ann Rollins and Britney Cole
Future Proof Your Learning Ecosystem with Design Thinking-Driven Strategy
In this session, you will learn models and tools that will help you more effectively partner with the business to transform the value of learning. First, we'll cover a model for an adaptive learning organization that has discrete measurement dimensions and used to benchmark an organizations capabilities and define further transformation. Secondly, we'll look at learning ecosystems and innovation frameworks as Design Thinking tools to map your current state, explore potential futures, and chart right-sized innovation that drives organizational impact. Lastly, learn about enterprise modeling techniques that enable a deeper understanding of the enterprise and set you up for an effective investment of LD resources for business impact.

Speakers: Dan McCoy and Michael Hruska
Harness the Power of a Connected Learning Ecosystem with Web APIs
In this session, youll discover what a Web API is and how it can tie learning applications together to form an integrated ecosystem. Youll review architectural diagrams depicting the interconnectedness between applications, which forms a basis for strategic ecosystem planning. You'll also walk away from this session with a template containing questions to ask your vendors or internal technical teams, requirements to consider, and budgetary items to plan for. Finally, youll experience real-world examples that illustrate how Web APIs can help do things, such as: Provide personalized learning experiences and share learning content between applications to promote a single source of truth.

Speaker: Heidi Schafer and Kevin Yount
How to Create Engaging eLearning Through Visual Design
In this session, you'll learn how to use visual communications to create engaging learning experiences. You'll explore how to use visual communication techniques to visualize your learning content and help your learners see what you're saying. Best of all, this session will focus on tips anyone can use, regardless of their current art or graphic design skills.

Speaker: Tim Slade
How to Improve Your Employee Development Program with Podcasting
Should podcasts be part of your learning program? What do you need to know to build a successful podcasting program (or improve upon your current one)? This session will explore specific case studies of podcastings benefits for employee development, especially with the changing nature of work today. It will also help you with specific tools and resources to build and grow a successful podcasting program. Most importantly, you will have an outline of steps to get started, evaluate, and grow. Like any learning tool, podcasting is only as good as the way it is used. After this session, you'll be able to pinpoint if it makes sense for your organization and what you need to make it succeed.

Speaker: Shannon Martin
Immersive Learning in the Age of Physical Distancing: Mobile Gaming and VR
Who has been driving the digital transformation of your learning organization: CLO, CIO, or COVID-19? The pandemic accelerated an immersive learning revolution. Get the inside scope on the new generation mobile games and virtual reality simulations where students learn by doing, progressing at their own pace, multiplying reps and sets of practice, and building muscle memory. Walmart's mobile game Spark City has been downloaded half a million times and upends how companies attract and develop managers. Pfizer minimize travel with a hyper-realistic virtual reality lab where students and instructors can interact remotely. Learn how these and other successfully organizations are transforming learning in the age of physical distancing.

Speaker: Anders Gronstedt
Making Software Training Interactive
Do you have trouble teaching participants how to operate new software? You're not alone. Apply specific facilitation techniques to your next software training program and your learners will be requesting YOU to come back to instruct them next time a new software application is launched

Speaker: Nikki OKeeffe
Making the Business Case for a New Project
As a result of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, there is a demand to show the value of ongoing and future projects. When budgets are cut, it is difficult to secure approval for projects, directly affecting the LD community. This session will show how to create a forecast for an unexpected project. The forecast connects the proposed project to business measures that will improve once the project is implemented. When the monetary value of the improvement is compared to the projected cost of the project, a financial ROI is forecasted.
This process will forecast data at five levels, plus intangibles. When conservative standards are used and presented compellingly, it makes a great argument for allocating funds, even in difficult uncertain times.

Speaker: Jack Phillips
Personalize Your Learning Programs Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
From Google to Netflix, we interact with AI every day to provide us with relevant information and to deliver a personalized experience. Yet, as training professionals, many of us still create one-size-fits-none learning paths that frustrate learners and waste time and money.If you're ready to create a strategy to include AI in your learning program, it all starts here. Join Dave Romero, President Co-founder of Unboxed Training Technology to learn how to get off the edge of the AI pool. We'll focus on how to:
  • Start using AI in your existing corporate training technology framework
  • Begin measuring knowledge, skills, competencies that enable a personalized learning experience
  • Start creating learning content that is future-ready for AI

Speaker: Dave Romero
Prototyping at a Distance: Using Virtual Tools to Rapidly Test Ideas
The quickest way to succeed is by failing fast but how can you gather rapid feedback on your ideas when working with a distributed team? In this interactive session, you'll learn how to get ideas and assumptions out of your head and into the real world (or cyberspace) in under 15 minutes. Well explore a simple Design Thinking framework to improve and focus prototypes, and share 10+ digital tools to spark your creativity and help increase your velocity. You'll also hear how we've used virtual prototyping in our roles as learning leaders at Virgin Orbit and Lyft and in our classrooms at Stanford and IDEO U. Well wrap with a prototyping mini challenge to help you get unstuck on a learning challenge you're currently facing.

Speaker: Jesse Harris and Laura Pickel
Social Distancing and Online Social Learning: a Match Made in Heaven?
Have you ever thought of serving your learners with a great online social learning program? This session will learn you how to design and moderate engaging and effective online social learning.
You'll learn the most important design principles and starting points backed up by the most important social learning theories.
You'll also learn the importance of the role of the moderator in online social learning and how to make the best of that role. Via the Five Stages model you'll learn how to be a professional moderator.
Make use of the insights drawn from an online social learning program in which 450+ learning professionals from 23 countries participated. This session will make you an online social learning pro!

Speaker: Ger Driesen
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Design Thinking and Agile
In this session, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently run a design thinking workshop from the planning stages through to the post-workshop follow-up and deliverables. We will share outcomes you can and cant achieve, and talk about skills needed to achieve outstanding results.
Using real-world examples, we will explore how to facilitate the first three stages of a design thinking workshop. We will share success stories and talk about common derailers, when things didn't go as planned, offering you tools and techniques to deal with the unexpected on the fly. Along the way, we will highlight the skill set you and your team need to create true collaboration between you and your client, no matter if they are internal or external.

Speaker: Bianca Baumann and Matt Donovan
The Netflix Effect - Netflix Your Learning with AI
When was the last time you binge-watched a TV series? What if you could make your training just as addictive as your favorite TV program? You can and Margie Meacham will show you how in this engaging and interactive session about the Netflix Effect. Every time you select a program on Netflix, you're teaching the algorithm about your preferences. Each time the algorithm is used, the predictions get better and better. And as you enjoy the experience your brain gives you a rush of dopamine to tell you to do it again (and again and again). That's the virtuous cycle of choice and reward. In this session, youll learn how to build this cycle into your learning delivery system, using Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Speaker: Margie Meacham
Transforming Soft Skills Training with AI, Video, Gamification and More
Learn how one company developed measurable, scalable and cost-effective virtual communication skills training for SMEs while decreasing travel costs and increasing efficiency, accountability and ROI. This unique solution offers personalized coaching using a combination of AI-based analysis, instructor review and peer feedback.

Speaker: David Bruesehoff and Sheri Jeavons
UDL Mindset in eLearning Design
Using a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Mindset can improve eLearning design to reach all learners. Capturing and developing talent that could have been missed with regular design practices. UDL is more than accessibility, it is a purposeful design for all participants, lessening the need for accommodations, and reaching all learners despite how they best acquire knowledge or demonstrate understanding. Join us to learn how to develop a UDL mindset and build your toolkit to design for all learners.

Speakers: Michelle Bartlett and Suzanne Ehrlich
“Where can I find Chrome on my computer?” AKA Leveraging Innovative Technology for an Age-Diverse Workforce
If your organization is somewhat like ours, you probably have the challenge of tech-savvy young professionals struggling to communicate and interact with a non-tech savvy older workforce. In this session you will learn how the talent development team from a mid-sized nuclear engineering and environmental services firm used simple, innovative learning tools to increase engagement, communication and productivity, which helped achieve the highest monthly profitability since 2015, amidst social distancing and the virtual workplace. This will be an interactive session, in which participants will have an opportunity to develop and use simple tools that can be used to help engage resistant employees at their companies and organizations.

Speaker: Kyle Freedman and Tamara Menteshashvili
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