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TK Solutions Showcase Sessions
3 Keys to Creating Engaging eLearning to Drive Success
Learner engagement starts with a great user experience. To provide a fantastic learner experience, training programs need to meet their learners’ unique needs. In this session, we’ll uncover the three keys to creating e-learning content to drive success and show how to best incorporate them into your learning programs.

Speaker: Joe Miller
Activating Your Talent and Learning Ecosystem for Better Impact and Results
Online and social learning reduces the cost of training, expands the ability to reach a larger audience for your content, and increases the speed at which learning experiences can be accessed and offered. However, because of these growing complexities it’s increasingly important to ensure you’re looking at both how these ever-increasing types of content interconnect and how your talent and learning architecture scales with the business needs of your organization. In this session, we will explore social platforms; performance support platforms; e-learning, video, and mobile learning; learning management systems; and HRIS system integration.

Speaker: Darren Nerland
Bridging Employee Skill Gaps With Embedded Learning
Digital transformation has led to a rapid proliferation of software applications in enterprises. On average, an employee interacts with at least 14 applications daily to get their work done. This has gradually led to “technostress” and more importantly, a widening technology skill gap. According to Gartner, almost 60 percent of L&D leaders believe that this skill gap is growing. The key question facing the L&D community today is: “How do I minimize the frustration caused by too much technology and bridge the skill gap?” Join this session to learn how you can offer an immersive learning experience with the Whatfix digital adoption platform.

Speaker: Vispi Dayer
Building a Resilient Organizational Culture: 5 Key Principles for Leaders to Implement Now
Building a resilient culture is always a good idea. Still, the upheaval of 2020 and the nature of uncertainty and apprehension can eat away at organizations, affecting both organizational and individual performance. To prevent that from happening, it’s critical that you consciously focus on manifesting a durable and enduring culture of growth. This session focuses on five fundamental principles and how to apply them to build a culture that can withstand upheaval from any direction.

Speaker: Peter Brussard
Create Engaging Videos Without Video Experience
This session covers the use of Vyond to make exciting, engaging videos. As companies shift toward digital content, it’s becoming more important to leverage the use of videos to keep your stakeholders informed and engaged. With Vyond, you can easily create content for a wide range of industries, job functions, and roles as well as address the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Speaker: Reid Horimoto
Creating Chatbots for Learning on MS Teams, Slack, and Other Collaboration Platforms
The work-from-home phenomenon that the COVID-19 pandemic caused has been a major catalyst in the proliferation of workplace collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. It is now possible to have chatbots on these platforms facilitate workplace learning and performance support in an unprecedented way. You can even program chatbots to reach more employees with learning content, reminders, and job aids. This session showcases common use cases on these platforms and discusses the mechanics of setup.

Speaker: Vincent Han
Degreed Product Demo
This detailed review of the Degreed platform will explore how to drive world-class engagement of your people so you can upskill and enable them to dynamically advance their careers through new opportunities.

Speaker: Casey Adams
Enabling Employee Growth and Continuous Skill Development
Join Bridge as we discuss why developmentally-minded organizations share two traits: first, their employees, managers, and leaders are continually learning how to help each other grow; and second, they create space for feedback, up-skilling, goal-setting, and conversation.
In this demo session, Dana Luther, Director of Product Management, will show you how to use Bridge's learning + performance platform to enable true employee development and to connect learning to organizational and individual outcomes.

Speaker: Dana Luther
Evaluate, Measure, and Demonstrate the Business Impact of Training Programs With Level-Up Learning
For years, L&D has been trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of its training programs and the overall impact learning has on key business objectives. Yet, only 8 percent of CEOs report seeing the business impact of their company’s L&D programs. Even fewer (4 percent) saw a clear ROI. If demonstrating learning's impact is a high priority, why aren't more companies and their learning teams able to effectively do it?

Speaker: Matthew Brown
Evaluation Not Hitting the Mark? Take AIM and Support Stakeholders
Most organizations evaluate L&D. However, many L&D professionals report that their evaluation practices don’t achieve their objectives and want to improve and grow their practice. The Alignment and Impact Model (AIM) focuses on supporting stakeholders and can guide actionable evaluation. Two cases incorporating surveys and other data provide relatable examples of applying AIM and using a cloud-based learning evaluation, analytics, and feedback platform to improve the L&D process.
Faster, Better Analytics and Video: A Tour of Shuttle Video and Songbird
Most learning design efforts take too long. They’re bottlenecks for innovation and slow to match the pace of business. Typical results are boring and lack the aesthetics consumer seek. See how leading organizations are using Shuttle to produce beautiful interactive video, leverage AI for features, and capture great analytics on use (xAPI and more). No advanced skills are needed, which empowers SMEs and experts in departments to create engaging content without the complexity of “authoring.”

Speaker: Tamer Ali
How Technology Can Support Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts
Organizations are struggling with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In this session, the speaker will explain how Cloverleaf is helping its clients use a SAS technology platform to solve DEI challenges.

Speaker: Scott Dust
L&D’s Role in Cultivating Racial Equity in the Workplace
Issues of diversity and racial equity have taken on renewed importance in many organizations. How do those in L&D, especially people who hold more privileged identities, connect meaningfully to the conversation, process their feelings and perceptions, and design learning experiences that are inclusive and just? In this session, we’ll discuss L&D’s role in three parts: What’s going on? How can we improve learning experience design? How can we improve the trajectory in our work, organizations, and industry?

Speakers: Megan Torrance and Jessica Jackson
Learning Analytics That Deliver Business Outcomes: A New Model for the Remote Workforce
The analytics accessible in corporate training today are for tracking course completion, which doesn’t show if training is tied to overall organizational performance. In today’s remote world, organizations need new insights that prove people are learning and remembering training content and that the organization is performance-ready with respect to what’s being taught. Understanding this substantiates training effectiveness and its corresponding outcome-impact on the growth and strategy of the business. In this session, learn how the world’s best-known enterprise organizations are obtaining and using robust analytics.
Marketing Your Training: How to Get Them to Buy What You’re Selling
In today’s remote, digital, and distracted environment, you’re competing with a myriad of factors to get your message across. By taking a marketing approach to training, you can employ the same tactics used by the most engaging brands to get your audience interested and keep them involved. In this session, we’ll cover the basic principles of marketing and how they apply to training and e-learning. You’ll see real-world examples and a host of creative ideas to effectively market your own training.

Speaker: Stacy Adams
Qstream Product Demo: Learning Analytics to Improve Remote Employee Performance
Qstream’s science-proven software is the best method to reach and teach your remote workforce. It helps L&D teams deliver training in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Engage learners, reinforce their knowledge, and prove proficiency growth through actionable analytics. Join us for a demonstration of how Qstream provides the best microlearning experience for remote learners, and by doing so shows a measurable return on learning investments.

Speaker: Bryony McIndoe
Schoox: Go Beyond the LMS With Continuous Learning and Development Experiences
Learning management systems—you know all about them. Except Schoox isn’t like the others. It’s so much more. That’s why Schoox is the learning and talent development solution of choice for dozens of household brand names, big and small alike.

Speaker: Matthew Brown
Seize Your Digital Transformation With BenchPrep’s Modern Learning Platform
Advancements in digital learning programs and increased technology accessibility have transformed how we learn. Modern learners are demanding a better experience that is personalized to their needs, delivered on demand, and available in a flexible format. In this session, you will get a preview of BenchPrep’s online learning platform, which specializes in learning experiences that are tailored for increased engagement and achievement.

Speaker: Rhys Goulbourn
Send xAPI Data From Storyline Without Coding It Yourself
Ready to send xAPI data from your e-learning course, but not a programmer? No worries! Out of the box, Articulate Storyline sends SCORM-like transactions with the xAPI publish. When you’re ready for more data, you can use JavaScript triggers to send detailed information about interactions on any screen you want. In this session, the speakers walk you through how to create statements without having to write code (by using xapi.ly), put them into Storyline, and publish your course.

Speaker: Megan Torrance and Matt Kliewer
The Learning Trends You Need to Know in 2021
In this session, we'll be highlighting key trends for 2021, such as hybrid work and nanolearning, alongside clear action items for future-proofing your learning organization. We’ll also share some sneak previews of upcoming learning technologies like GPT-3. If you're interested in learning innovation, this is a session you don't want to miss.

Speaker: Micharl Loffe
Think on Your Feet: Techniques for a Virtual World - How Clarity and Structure Support Your Message
Today, the need for us to communicate clearly is greater than ever. We need to be able to cut through all the noise with our communication. Think on Your Feet is all about structure. The techniques will equip you with the ability to convey your message quickly and concisely and leave a lasting impression. In this 30-minute session, you will learn how to communicate with impact using Think on Your Feet–structured techniques. We invite you to sample this transformational program. Your talent’s success hinges on how effectively they communicate. And that begins with Think on Your Feet.

Speaker: Heather Haigh
Transitioning to Digital Learning: Lessons Learned From 2020
In this session we will share our lessons learned transitioning large-scale training programs to digital learning for two Fortune 500 clients. We will provide tips and tricks based on what worked, as well as reminders for what not to overlook when implementing a digital learning program. You will learn how to employ tactics, tools, and strategies to adapt your learning approach to digital learning and to successfully overcome challenges moving training to a 100 percent digital learning experience.

Speaker: Genene Sullivan and Scott McClure
Virtual Learning With Innovative Content: Addressing Attention Span Burnout Through Multimedia
During this session, you will learn:
  • How videos can help keep your team working remotely
  • Challenges that L&D professionals face due to health and safety situations
  • How to create professional L&D multimedia videos in minutes

Speaker: Stephen Shartzer
What’s Your Tech Type?
COVID-19 is forcing organizations to boost their virtual skills. Why do some people embrace technology while others resist it? Join this session to hear the secrets of the TQ Assessment tool—the first-ever assessment tool to measure and improve digital proficiency. It’s like a personality style survey for everyday virtual skills.

Speaker: Mike Song

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