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Taste of Tech

We’re proud to announce TK’s Taste of Tech: a new way to see live presentations from some of the most innovative learning technology providers!

If you want to see the next round of tech innovators and meet their exceptional teams, you should attend the TK Taste of Tech on February 7!  The event will feature eight exceptional solutions providers focusing on a range of learning technologies: from interactive tools to video production to LMS and more.  The event will be virtual and held on the Juno platform where you can join the presentations and meet online to talk to the companies directly.

We’re working to finalize the list of companies and will post here. Check back for details.

TK’s Taste of Tech is an exciting new way to see some of the most innovative companies in the ecosystem. Join us for an activity-packed day, full of presentations to educate and inspire.

Attendance is free of charge, but you must register below!




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