Mobile & Social Track

Mobile & Social Track

Mobile and social technologies continue to be necessary components of any learning technology strategy. This track covers all aspects of mobile learning, from content creation to evaluation. This track also covers how to create a social strategy and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing in your organization. Below is a list of core sessions on mobile and social learning.

Mobile & Social Sessions

  • Apply What Works: Using Marketing's AI, AR, and Personalization for L&D with Danielle Wallace
  • Artificial Intelligence at Work: What Skills Will Tomorrow's Workforce Need? with Ben Eubanks
  • Propel Productivity With Augmented Reality in Learning: Why It Works with Doug Stephen
  • Fascination and Fear: AI at the Frontier of Digital Learning with Evan Sinar
  • Transforming Your Training With Immersive VR with Derek Belch
  • Experience API 201: Move From Experimentation to Mastery with TJ Seabrooks
  • Best Practices for Designing a Chat Bot in Support of Learning with Vincent Han
  • Let's Make a Chat Bot for Learning and Development with Alexander Salas
  • Getting Started With Augmented Reality with Destery Hildenbrand
  • xAPI: An Introduction for Instructional Designers with Megan Torrance
  • Learning Data and the Mobile Workforce: Learning From Mobile Learners with Paul Bradley
  • Make Onboarding Fun and Interactive With an AR Scavenger Hunt with Joe Koller
  • Learning in the Age of Immediacy: How the Digital Transformation Transforms Training with Brandon Carson
  • Wired, Not Tired—Is Curation the Cure for What Ails You? with Mike Taylor
  • MakerLab—Let's Build an Alexa Skill for Learning with Almira Roldan
  • Hands-On Machine Learning: Lost in a Random Forest With Pandas! with Zsolt Olah
  • Powering Next-Gen Learning With VR and xAPI with Margaret Roth
  • Finding Answers: Building xAPI Queries with Anthony Altieri
  • Practical Solutions for Creating Simple 3D AR/VR Interactive Lessons with Allen Partridge
  • Elements of Immersive Learning with Dov Jacobson