E-Learning Track

E-Learning Track

E-learning is a core competency for any training and talent development organization. If you’re looking for a quick session on the topic, a series of sessions, or even a workshop, ATD’s 2019 TechKnowledge (TK) conference has you covered! TK will include more than 20 sessions on the topic of e-learning, covering all aspects of the design, development, and evaluation of e-learning courses.

E-Learning Sessions

Some topics covered in the e-learning track include visual design, microlearning, UX design, free and cheap resources, and Agile design. Below is a list of the core sessions on e-learning.

  • Create Dynamic Whiteboard-Style Animations with Danielle Watkins
  • Simple Strategies for Solving L&D Visual Design Challenges with Bianca Woods
  • Discover E-Learning Resources for Your Department of One with Emily Wood
  • Build, Measure, Learn: Lean UX for Instructional Design with Becca Wilson
  • LLAMA: Agile Project Management for E-Learning with Megan Torrance
  • Effective Microlearning: A Showcase of Examples and 10 Tips for How You Can Do It Too! with Carla Torgerson
  • Design Impactful Video Assessment and Coaching Experiences with Ann Rollins
  • From Storyboards to Wireframes: Designing for Multiple Screens with Sarah Mercier
  • Proven Practices in Learning Curation with Gina Richter
  • A Few Things L&D Should Steal From Marketing with Mike Taylor
  • Web Design for Learning Professionals with Alexander Salas
  • Instructor-Led Training to E-Learning: A Conversion, an Evolution, or a Revolution? with Kate Worlton-Pulham
  • Create Effective Soft Skills E-Learning Training Courses With Branching Exercises with Thomas Toth
  • Animation Basics Using Adobe Animate CC with Thomas Toth
  • Creating Compelling Characters for Games and E-Learning with Hadiya Nuriddin
  • Articulate Storyline: Take Your Relationship to the Next Level! with Zsolt Olah
  • Overcoming the Challenges of the Content Review Process with Daniel Wittenborn
  • Harnessing the Power of AGILE Design to Create Meaningful Learning with Michael Allen
  • Creating Assessments That Actually Measure What You Want to Measure with Kevin Lange
  • A Guide to Designing and Launching Amazing Learning Experiences with Nick Floro
  • The Importance of Branding in Learning Design with Miranda Lee
  • User Testing: A Deep Dive with Judy Katz