TK Playground

What's the Playground?

This is THE place to go for creatively-designed education sessions, facilitated conversations with subject-matter experts and hands-on learning activities. Explore new ideas to address real-world challenges and hear predictions on what lies ahead in this immersive learning environment. Each area of the playground is a different learning experience.

Co-creation, experimentation, ideation? Take your pick!

You’ll find inspiration at Playground stages.

  • In the Build area, you’ll engage in hands-on learning and experimentation with the latest learning technologies.
  • The Disrupt area will feature ten hyper-focused facilitator-led conversations about industry issues.
  • At the Spark area you'll find your next big idea through mini-sessions and discussions on emerging trends.
  • At the Connect area, you’ll participate in structured topic or industry-focused networking with your peers.
  • The Advance area will allow you to hone your skills in specific areas by participating in accelerated, mini-sessions and discussions.
  • At the Explore area you’ll examine case studies of named organizations for new ideas and inspiration. Play sparks creativity, and what you do here will ignite your potential.

Have meaningful conversations with other participants in the Meet-Up areas.

We've designed Meet-ups to help people meet and learn from each other through meaningful conversations. At most conferences, you're left to your own devices, trying to hunt down people you'd like to meet, with only a glass of wine for a compass. In the Playground, we're eliminating those hurdles and providing you tools to meet with peers to discuss some hyper-focused topics. Unlock greatness by learning from others.

And you've heard there's no EXPO, right? Just sponsor suites.

We threw that one out too. But there are valuable partner meetings hosted in sponsor suites. Partner meetings allow you to select the organizations you want to learn more about and schedule dedicated time to meet on your terms. You'll share your challenges in advance, so they come prepared to discuss customized solutions. In 15 minutes, you can short-circuit the sales process and get the answers you need to make strategic decisions when you go back to the office.

Wellness Included.

Take a little time out to visit one (or all) of our three art stations to let your creative juices flow!

Full Program
Classroom sessions, hands-on learning, keynote speakers, and more.