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What TikTok Can Teach Us About Learning and Development

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Director/Executive , Manager , Instructional Designer
Even with the recent explosion of conversation about microlearning, learning modules a half hour to an hour long are still being created. What if approachable, bite-sized videos that get to the point were created instead? In this session, the speaker will walk you through a good TikTok video and how those concepts apply to your learning culture. Learn how you can take those principles and apply them to your learning culture as well as how you can involve your organization’s learners in creating content through campaigns and challenges that encourage your learners to be creative and hare their best practices. This session will also explore how to use TikTok-style videos to flip your next classroom and, most importantly, how their use can help your organization rethink its culture.

Application on the Job:

  • Explore the key features that make a good TikTok video and how these principles can be applied today.
  • Energize and involve your learners in your next initiative through TikTok video challenges and campaigns.
  • Discover how you can use TikTok style videos to flip your next classroom.

Target Audience: Director/Executive, Manager, Instructional Designer


Vanessa Alzate, Founder/CEO - Anchored Training