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Virtual Reality Meets Learning Science: Designing Effective Immersive Learning Experiences

Emerging Technologies
Manager , Instructional Designer
Virtual reality is rapidly gaining acceptance as an exciting technology for learning. But once we get beyond the hype, how can we design immersive learning experiences that lead to transfer to the real world? In this session, you’ll learn practical evidence-based guidelines for structuring effective and engaging learning experiences within the VR environment. You’ll see an example of how we applied what we learned from a previous transfer of training study to the design and development of a new VR application that prepares healthcare providers to work effectively in a newly constructed hospital building. Finally, you’ll engage in a brainstorming exercise on how you can apply these design guidelines to your own projects.

Application on the Job:

  • Apply evidence-based guidelines to the design of effective learning experiences in virtual reality.
  • Discover practical tips on how to design and develop a virtual reality learning platform in Unity.

Target Audience: Manager, Instructional Designer


Marty Rosenheck, Chief Learning Strategist - Cognitive Advisors
Brooks Canavesi, VP Solution Engineering - Problem Solutions