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Virtual Reality Learning at Novartis

Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Manager
Learn how pharma-leader Novartis is scaling virtual reality enterprise-wide from a single pilot to additional use cases, supercharging an immersive learning transformation. Step inside a hyper-real 3D version of a cleanroom where students practice life-saving procedures. Modeled on the flight simulator, which has been the gold standard for skill-based learning, VR sims offer learners a visceral sense of “presence,” of being in the performance environment where they can develop mastery. This session will inspire insights as you consider how to integrate virtual reality to reduce training costs, improve job performance, and boost engagement.

Application on the Job:

  • Identify best use cases for VR learning: practicing spatial tasks, do the impossible, dangerous, costly, or inconvenient.
  • Learn how to build simulations that build muscle memory in preparation for real-life performance.
  • Deploy VR at scale with next-gen mobile VR, build the business case, overcome barriers to adoption, and demonstrate ROI.

Target Audience: Director/Executive, Manager


Anders Gronstedt, President - Gronstedt Group
Steve Sitek, Head Of Learning, Novartis Gene Therapies - Novartis