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Measuring Behavioral Change in Leadership Development

Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Trainer/Facilitator
Executives buy results, not training. The challenge is that most HR and training professionals are tasked to prepare employees to lead the future of their organizations but do not measure the impact of their programs. Can you prove that your programs make a difference? The speaker will share why leadership development programs fail to make the cut. He’ll also offer methods to prove your training impact and what it will take to ensure your leaders are ready and confident to address the challenges ever present in our volatile and uncertain work environment.

Application on the Job:

  • Implement the critical factors that must be in place in leadership development/coaching programs to drive behavior change.
  • Leverage technology to manage the measurement process and prove your results to executive sponsors and other stakeholders.
  • Conduct ongoing measurement to provide leaders with new ideas to accelerate behavioral and perception change.

Target Audience: Director/Executive, Trainer/Facilitator


Sal Silvester, CEO Founder - sal@512solutions.com