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How to Create a Podcast for Your Employees

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Manager , Instructional Designer
More Americans listen to podcasts each week than attend religious services. Podcasts, then, are a popular means of communication and an important tool for talent development. This session will outline different uses of podcasts—from onboarding to microlearning and leadership development—and specific success stories. You will get step-by-step guidance on starting an internal podcast, from developing the concept to planning episodes, recording, publishing, distributing, and measuring results. Full of best practices, tips, and resources, this session will give you all the tools to start and run a successful podcast at your organization (or improve on what you’re already doing).

Application on the Job:

  • Assess ways to use a podcast for your talent development goals and the best concept to meet those goals.
  • Develop a podcast with their team, from start to finish and utilize tips to make recording and producing easier.
  • Grow employee engagement with the podcast and use analytics to continue improving results.

Target Audience: Manager, Instructional Designer


Shannon Martin, Director of Communications - Podbean LLC