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Help Yourself! A Useful Guide to Preventing Help Desk Tickets

Instructional Designer , Developer
There’s so much that goes into creating and successfully rolling out an e-learning module. Whether you have a whole team supporting you or an “e-learning creator who does it all,” this could mean that you’re not only the one designing and developing a training module but also the one who gets called to troubleshoot whenever a learner gets stuck. Navigating technical issues can be a headache, but there’s a lot you can do during development to reduce them. During this session, gain insight into some helpful design tips and learn how to use a troubleshooting checklist when issues arise.

Application on the Job:

  • Use several training design techniques to immediately begin making an impact in lessening help desk tickets.
  • Employ use of the troubleshooting checklist to guide troubleshooting conversations and streamline training fixes.
  • Explore the “road less traveled” in terms of training design and development lifecycles to uncover new best practices.

Target Audience: Developer, Instructional Designer


Alicia Seguin, Account Manager - Reflection Software
Adam Trosper, Director of Content Development - Reflection Software