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Designing Knowledge Bases for Learners to Access via a Chatbot

Emerging Technologies
Director/Executive , Instructional Designer
Chatbots are increasingly commonplace solutions for customer service use cases. As learning takes on an self-directed ideology, L&D teams are looking at chatbots as ways to support learners with finding the right job aid, navigating through a vast library of curriculum, getting LMS technical help, and even finding the right person or SME to get in contact with. But implementing a chatbot to support learners can be much more complex than designing a simple chatbot with basic FAQs. This session will present an easy-to-follow playbook for designing the ultimate chatbot for learners by focusing on organizing a chatbot’s knowledge base and the best practices of interaction design.

Application on the Job:

  • Discover the basics of designing a knowledge base for your learner population that can be accessed via a chatbot.

Target Audience: Director/Executive, Instructional Designer


Vincent Han, CEO and Founder - Mobile Coach