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Designing Enterprise Hybrid Learning Solutions for a Global Distributed Workforce

Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Manager
The pandemic has changed how employees view their organization’s culture. In addition, organizations now view effective learning delivery methods and instructional design for remote and in-person learning differently. This session will address the multiple challenges learning professionals and organizational decision-makers face when considering solutions and interventions for hybrid work environments. You may expand your knowledge of technological resources for hybrid work environments, learn framing for courageous conversations about equity in hybrid work cultures, and discuss the compelling argument for upskilling leadership competencies.

Application on the Job:

  • Apply top-recommended resources for hybrid work environment learning and development.
  • Have courageous conversations about the equity of professional and organizational development in hybrid work cultures.
  • Explore application of emerging leadership competencies required for successful leading distributed workforces.

Target Audience: Director/Executive, Manager


Christina Coidakis-Barss, Principal - CC Barss, LLC