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Building an Adaptive Learning System

Emerging Technologies
Instructional Designer , Developer
Time is wasted in courses that cover material everybody needs to know, even when some people already know it. Learners’ time can be better used with adaptive course features. This session will guide participants through the process of using off-the-shelf Storyline features to add adaptivity to an existing course. During this session, learn how to create branching paths using triggers, variables, and slide and feedback masters to allow more knowledgeable learners to get through the course quickly while keeping remedial content that other learners might need. To get the most out of this session, you must be familiar with these features in Articulate Storyline: triggers and conditional triggers, variables, slide masters and feedback masters.

Application on the Job:

  • Customize course content based on pretest results.
  • Show remedial content only when it’s needed.
  • Have your course adjust itself based on what the learner is doing in the course.

Target Audience: Developer, Instructional Designer


Michael Ioffe, Co-founder and CEO - Arist