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Making Sense of AI

TK 2024 Title Hero

TK Shines a Spotlight On AI

TK continues to explore the latest technology trends revolutionizing the training landscape. ATD has curated a unique blend of sessions at this year’s conference to engage in meaningful conversations about the role of AI in learning. Hear from experts and learn from your peers about how they are incorporating AI in their organizations.

Can't Miss AI-Focused Sessions at TK24

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into AI? Don't miss the following sessions:

  • (A)I Can Do That? Creating Instructional Content Using AI Tools
    Embark on a journey of creativity in this session as we experiment with how generative AI tools can help you accelerate the creation of diverse instructional content, such as videos, interactive modules, microcourses, quizzes, and more. Leave this session feeling energized apply new tools that will enhance your impact as an instructional designer.
  • Creating Quality Video Content With AI 
    In this hands on session we'll show you why so many training videos fail, and how to use the FOCA Video creation process to guide your video creation process to better, more impactful results. Walk away with a clear approach to creating powerful and effective learning experiences.
  • Embrace the Future: Harnessing Generative AI for Transformative Learning

    You’ll learn about experiments with generative AI (GAI) that have massive impacts on learning operations and processes. You’ll leave with a framework for teams to effectively experiment with these tools to create better experiences, plus how to equip the team to help transform the organization by getting good at experimentation themselves.

  • Learning in Bytes: Creating Drip Feeds to Revolutionize Learning Retention
    Are you struggling to make learning stick? Are reinforcement efforts getting lost in busy workdays and heavy workloads? Using popular AI conversational platforms like Chat-GPt, along with other drip-feeding tools like email, you will gain practical tools and frameworks to develop learning bots and scripts. 

  • New Technologies for Learning—AI Edition
    Are you looking for ways to enhance your content development workflow with AI technology but don't know where to start? In this session , you'll gain hands-on experience with AI tools that can streamline your course development process. You'll learn how to incorporate AI-powered content creation tools and automated assessment systems to make your courses stand out. 

  • Practical Uses of ChatGPT (Large Language Models) for Learning 
    LLMs (Large Language Models) and Generative AI products like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard have taken the world by storm. Learning leaders are working to understand how these technologies impact their respective organizations, both as a tool to facilitate greater learning as well as how to navigate the potential pitfalls around content accuracy, privacy and security. This session will walk through use cases such as performance support, scenario creation, and coaching.

  • Putting AI to Work: Integrating ChatGPT and Storyline (In-Person & Live Streamed)
    Join us in this fun, interactive session, where we'll dive into integrating ChatGPT with Articulate Storyline, putting the power of AI right in the hands of your learner. By the end of this session, participants will gain valuable insights into the practical application of ChatGPT within asynchronous eLearning environments, and be at the forefront of learning and development innovation!

  • Supercharge Workflows With AI: Repurposing and Refreshing Content
    By creating a synthetic voice, you can make updates and changes that keep audio and video course materials evergreen, just by typing. Your synthetic voice and other AI tools will make it easy to repurpose your content, whether it’s to create micro-sized tutorials or for a fully online course. Guests from Blackboard and 2U to discuss the AI tools and techniques they implement into their workflows for creating impactful learning experiences.
  • The Best ChatGPT Instructional Design Prompts

    We'll explore the principles of designing effective instructional design and discuss how to apply them to Chat GPT. You'll discover how to create prompts that are engaging, relevant, and tailored to your learners' needs.

  • Why Every Organization Needs a Digital Coach, Today!
    Come to this session and learn about digital coaches. Digital coaches are performance-first technologies that enable workers to perfectly perform assigned workflows with little to no additional training, simply by following step-by-step instructions.