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VILT Amplified: Emulating a Production Studio With a Minimalist Budget

09 Feb 2022
Virtual Classroom
Instructional Designer , Trainer/Facilitator
Creating impact through content is key when facilitating virtual instructor-led training; however, learner expectations of the facilitation of the content and learner environment have amplified. Simultaneously, the instructor is faced with increasing capacity for inclusion and accessibility. These additions to modern VILT can come at a modest cost. During this session, you will design, develop, and manage a budget-friendly instructor environment to allow for multimodal VILT. You will select and set up lost-cost technology tools for facilitation, leverage production software for accessibility, and orchestrate multicamera angles, backdrops, and lighting to achieve production quality.

Application on the Job:

  • Develop on-demand multimodal VILT modules that accommodate diverse learning styles; regardless of the delivery platform.
  • Create an illusion of production quality VILT through lighting techniques, multiple USB cameras, backdrops, and DSLR cameras.
  • Reduce facilitator error through seamless screen sharing, application switching, and pre-programming interactions.

Track: Virtual Classroom

Michael Sanders, Head of Training & Development - IntellectualImpact