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The Impact of AI on DEI Awareness Training

08 Feb 2022
Emerging Technologies
Instructional Designer , Trainer/Facilitator
This panel session explores the impact of AI-driven technologies DE&I awareness training. In the last few years, AI, VR, and AR have become more and more common in training. The panelists will explore how they can be game-changers for diversity and inclusion training. The session will highlight how new technologies such as AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality can help with DEI awareness training, which constraints can be identified in the application of technology on such a delicate topic, and how AI can be considered safe and effective when it is applied on individual unconscious biases.

Application on the Job:

  • Provide understanding of the possible applications of AI in the area of raise of DE&I awareness.
  • Clarify the possible constraints that could reduce or prevent the adoption of such technologies for DE&I-related training.
  • Discover best practices on leveraging these innovative technologies in the DE&I training.

Track: Emerging Technologies

Matteo Malatesta - SkillGym
Rafael Fantauzzi - In transition
Terrence Underwood - Catalyst and NAMS - National Association of Minority Speakers
Samantha Santos - Goldman Sachs
Jay Brewster - Shaw Communications