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Setting Up an E-Learning QA/QC Process

09 Feb 2022

You’ve worked hard on your course. The design is on point, and it’s a perfect fit for your learners. You go live, and then…

“I finished the course but didn’t get credit.”

“I’m stuck on page 8.”

“It’s not working.”

Without quality assurance and quality control processes, you just hope your courses work as planned. Strong QA/QC processes can help you build your courses consistently and prevent or fix most problems before your learners even take your courses. This session will teach you how to develop your courses confidently and verify your courses work as you intended.

Application on the Job:

  • Applying QA checklists to help you develop materials with confidence
  • Using QC test plans to can catch problems in your e-learning courses
  • Adapting your QA/QC processes to changing circumstances and avoiding common pitfalls when adapting your QA/QC processes

Track: E-Learning

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