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Our New Digital Face: Rethinking Learning Tech in Today's Workplace

09 Feb 2022
Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Manager
The past two years have redefined the relationship between work and technology. Employees have been empowered to go remote thanks to digital collaboration tools. BYOD has ramped up on the frontlines to help people keep pace with change. Online learning has spiked to unprecedented levels, but is L&D leveraging its full digital capability? In this session, you’ll learn how to maximize your learning technology stack. This session will break down the seven ways technology can improve workplace learning, demonstrate how personas should guide the design of your digital learning strategy, and show you why right-fit digital experiences will play a critical role in closing skills gaps and restoring learning equity.

Application on the Job:

  • Assess the value of your learning technology ecosystem.
  • Align digital tools within your organization’s business priorities.
  • Design digital learning experiences based on real-world employee persona.

Track: Technology Strategy for Leaders

JD Dillon, Axonify - Chief Learning Architect