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Next-Generation Solutions for Virtual Onboarding: VIBE 2022

07 Feb 2022
KnowledgeWorks Global Learning’s enhanced approach to virtual onboarding, Virtual Induction Blended Experience (VIBE) combines gamification, embedded videos, AI Chatbots, virtual mentor, digital performance support, virtual humans and AR providing an engaging and interactive experience. VIBE offers employees a holistic approach to onboarding utilizing interactive tools that provide enriched collaborative engagement and consistent interaction with management and teams. Organizations can now offer an inclusive virtual approach to solve the challenges of the remote workforce from induction to continuous learning. Join this session to see how organizations are quickly adopting and leveraging VIBE to expedite and improve onboarding experiences.
  • Discover new immersive technologies for enhanced remote engagement.
  • See collaborative engagement techniques for an inclusive virtual onboarding strategy.
  • Uncover sustainable and continuous learning approaches for modern remote workforce.

KnowledgeWorks Global Learning

Kelly Lake, Global Head of Corporate Learning - KnowledgeWorks Global Learning