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Microlearning to the Rescue: Your Guide to a Rapid Framework

08 Feb 2022
Manager , Instructional Designer
With the rallying cry of “Help instead of courses!” coming from the workplace, microlearning support can be created to help your people in all aspects of their work. Let’s take microlearning beyond theory and discover how large, complex content can be deconstructed rapidly with an eye toward the support people desperately need to get the job done. In this session, you will create a microlearning object with a framework you can reuse once back on the job. Learn the importance of content deconstruction and folding microlearning content into workplace training programs.

Application on the Job:

  • Using the definitions and examples provided you will be able to identify the traits of effective microlearning content.
  • Practice with a variety of microlearning tools, learning that creating “microlearning on the go” can be simple and effective.
  • Practice deconstructing macro content into consumable microsized nuggets.

Track: E-Learning

Shannon Tipton, Owner - Learning Rebels, LLC