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Learning Technology for Small and Medium Businesses

08 Feb 2022
Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Manager
change too. A new platform brings your employees the power of digital learning: self-directed learning, blended content with social networking, and a great user experience. And it is even harder for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Selecting the right platform can be daunting and confusing. During this session, learn how to take the confusion out of the process by focusing on what technologies are available, how to best select vendors, and strategies to implement them. Also gain an answer to the question, “Why add tech?”

Application on the Job:

  • Learn how to best evaluate your learning strategy and success criteria for learning technology.
  • Find the learning tech that will work for SMB and how to select the right vendors.
  • Get plans for implementation of learning tech that will drive success.

Track: Technology Strategy for Leaders

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