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Learner-Focused Design: xAPI Enabled Adaptivity and Complex Skills Development

10 Feb 2022
Emerging Technologies
Director/Executive , Manager , Instructional Designer , Developer
During this session, you will explore the impact of technology, like xAPI, on the future of e-learning; implement adaptivity, spaced repetition, and guided evaluation to help learners develop complex skills and drive learning retention; outline audience and content factors that influence the delivery of learning content for maximum impact; and evaluate some simple uses of learning analytics to help inform better design decisions in the future.

Application on the Job:

  • Gain resources to further explore the learning science behind adaptive learning and spaced repetition.
  • Receive an example adaptive primer on xAPI, incorporated with a spaced repetition element and instructor-graded lessons.

Track: Emerging Technologies


Duncan Welder, Director of Client Services - RISC Inc.
Judy Katz, Product Owner - PeBLPro - Eduworks