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Key Components of the “New Learning Ecosystem”

09 Feb 2022
Technology Strategy for Leaders
Director/Executive , Manager
With talent development being reshaped via emerging technologies, hybrid work environments, and new demands on expected outcomes from training technologies, it’s never been more exciting or difficult to create your learning technology ecosystem. Deciphering new buzzwords and understanding their business impact, charting expectations for user experience, planning for new learning models, ensuring dependencies are in place, and reading the industry signals to verify you are making the right choices are vital to creating a path toward success. Aimed at senior learning management and executives, this session will share insights and reusable templates to help you navigate the new learning ecosystem.

Application on the Job:

  • Understand what a learning ecosystem offers and see a path to create one for their enterprise.
  • Find value in seeing what key components that need to be in place to create a successful learning ecosystem.
  • Learn what ecosystem components augment and enhance others for more synergistic learning.

Track: Technology Strategy for Leaders

Chad Udell, Chief Strategy Officer - Float, LLC