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Insights From the ATD BEST Award: Certification Program for Brain-Based Training

09 Feb 2022
Platforms & Tools
Director/Executive , Trainer/Facilitator
Join the speaker as she walks you through insights from building an ATD BEST award-winning training program. This brain-based program operates at two levels: managers who gain vital skills in bringing out the best in their people and facilitators who get certified through an online learning platform. Discover how various learning technologies are used for both audiences, creating a rating of “excellent” in 95 to 100 percent of learners. This session will feature successful examples from global organizations and demonstrate how to weave best practices from learning sciences into the design and delivery of manager training, through microlearning, habit design, memory enhancement, engagement, metacognition, and transfer.

Application on the Job:

  • Describe three requirements for a successful learning technology implementation.
  • Build a measurement map to help define and measure success.
  • Identify three common problems in new technology implementation.

Track: Platforms & Tools


Britt Andreatta, 7th Mind, Inc - CEO