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Getting the 411 on Section 508: Accessibility in E-Learning

08 Feb 2022
Instructional Designer , Developer
WCAG 2.2 is expected to move from working draft to a stable release in early 2022. Those who already use earlier WCAG accessibility standards will be interested in the 2.2 revisions, but most users will be looking for opportunities to bypass the overwhelm of hundreds of pages of WCAG standards through a more simplified approach at analyzing, planning, and taking their first steps. During this session, gain insight on how to do this by recognizing the meaning of the “reasonable accommodation” standard within Section 508; learning the four core principles established within WCAG 2.0; understanding the leveling of each standards into levels of A, AA, and AAA (and the realization each standard can have a different level); and recognizing any positive change in accessibility benefits the learning experience and retention of all participants.

Application on the Job:

  • Recognize why accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, whether it’s legally mandated.
  • Identify the benefits of making learning accessible, even for those who may not seem to need it.
  • Plan best first steps you can take right now to make learning solutions more accessible.

Track: E-Learning

Kevin Lange - Capital One