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From Surviving to Thriving: How the Pandemic Permanently Changed Google’s Onboarding

09 Feb 2022
Technology Strategy for Leaders
Manager , Instructional Designer
When the world changed, learning practitioners needed to convert all learning to virtual or digital to keep employees learning and performing their best in challenging new circumstances. There are a lot of opportunities to reimagine and refine what’s been created to deliver a more modern, fresh learning experience for customers. Imagine the benefits of having a framework (along with a working example in action), templates, and tools to take legacy and create a fresh design for virtual or digital learning, learning in the flow of work, and the experience that goes with it.

Application on the Job:

  • Identify content that would benefit from a refresh.
  • Use a template to reimagine legacy content into something new that resonates better with your learners.
  • Transform ILT or VILT activity content into powerful experiences that can be delivered in modern ways.

Track: Technology Strategy for Leaders

Emma Stamp, Senior Program Manager - Google
Jenny Wei, Program Manager - Google
Elizabeth Drioane, Learning Designer & Educator - Google
Brittan van Beuge, Program Manager - Google
Mallory Rivera, Program Manager - Google