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From Lame to GAME! Transforming Legacy Content for Today's Learners

09 Feb 2022
Emerging Technologies
Director/Executive , Manager , Instructional Designer , Trainer/Facilitator
Delta’s Procedural VR Training Experience is an efficient and powerful way to train the ramp operations team. Thousands of employees have trained on the experience, and participants find the experience to be effective and easy to use. Out of those surveyed, 95 percent said that VR implementation is “helpful” or “very helpful” for employee training. This VR experience has generated a new excitement around training at Delta, reinforcing Foundry 45’s passion for using leading-edge technologies to create better process training outcomes. During this session, learn why Delta chose VR training; how the company began development, piloting, testing; how VR training is used today; the results of the program; and what the future looks like with VR training.

Application on the Job:

  • Discover what VR training is and see a direct use case of how VR training is being used today.
  • Communicate to decision-makers the value companies like Delta Air Lines are seeing by deploying VR training.
  • Apply the strategies Delta used to determine where VR fits in the company and how Delta is growing this program.

Track: Emerging Technologies

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