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Escape the Multiple-Choice Trap: 5 Strategies to Better E-Learning

08 Feb 2022
Manager , Instructional Designer
Do standard multiple-choice questions have you trapped in a world of e-learning course design that bores your learners and generates lackluster results? You can create more engaging and effective e-learning using the same tools by taking advantage of the power of enhanced actions in your interactions. Join this session to learn five adjustments that create irresistible learner interactions that are supported and demonstrated through examples drawn from the curricula of leading organizations.

Application on the Job:

  • Reimagine e-learning test question design with a focus on fostering meaningful and thoughtful responses.
  • Discover a learner-centered rather than a content-centered basis for good design.

Track: E-Learning

Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist - Allen Interactions