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Designing Accessible Learning Experiences

10 Feb 2022
Instructional Designer , Developer
It is likely that you’ve often sat down in front of hundreds of digital products (websites and courses) and clicked on things that have not been clickable, seen different types of buttons and colors schemes on each page, or noticed there was no hierarchy in the body content. This is why it’s important for learning designers to understand web content accessibility guidelines (WCAGs). Following these guidelines can ensure content is accessible to a wide range of people with different ages and disabilities including blindness, low vision, deafness, hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity, or a combination of these.

Application on the Job:

  • Discover best practices for designing content for people with visual, motor, auditory, speech, and cognitive disabilities.
  • Apply techniques from the session to meet WCAGs.

Track: E-Learning


Cath Ellis, Cath Ellis Learning Design - Learning Experience Designer