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Beyond the Buzz: Gamification for Adult Learners

09 Feb 2022
Serious Games & Simulations
Instructional Designer , Trainer/Facilitator
Engaging learners, especially in the virtual environment, can be hard. The mechanics of games can tap into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The primary goal of this session is for participants to develop and practice metacognitive skills that will help them understand how to analyze and incorporate additional core mechanics of games into learning solutions. The importance of fun by playing and talking about games from a curious and relaxed frame will also be highlighted. The gaming mechanics that will be analyzed and applied are exploration, scoring, simulation, randomization, levels, and competition versus cooperation.

Application on the Job:

  • Identify challenges where gamification pushes learning forward and when it distracts from the learning goal.
  • Apply game mechanics, such as exploration, scoring, simulation, randomization, and levels to learning solutions.
  • Prototype games using mechanics to address change, performance, or learning challenges that your audience experiences.

Track: Serious Games & Simulations

Laura Pickel, Learning Experience Designer - Lyft
Jesse Harris, People and Culture Director - Virgin Orbit