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Audio Best Practices for Learning Professionals

09 Feb 2022
Platforms & Tools
Trainer/Facilitator , Developer
The session explains how to easily record and edit voiceover for e-learning projects. Knowledge of audio best practices is helpful for virtual facilitators who are interested in purchasing and setting up a space in which to record live audio. The first half of the session discusses the purchase of equipment and demonstrates how to set up a recording space. The second half demonstrates how to record and edit audio in real time using Adobe Audition. You will learn how to mark takes, remove breaths, and apply effects during post-production.

Application on the Job:

  • Create audio projects and files appropriate for use in e-learning courses.
  • Perform basic audio editing and post-production.
  • Purchase and set up audio equipment that supports your virtual classroom and e-learning projects.

Track: Platforms & Tools

Katrina Baker, Manager, Digital Learning - Adobe