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5 Tips to Take Your Camtasia Videos to the Next Level

10 Feb 2022
Platforms & Tools
Director/Executive , Manager , Instructional Designer , Trainer/Facilitator , Developer
Camtasia videos are often mistaken for videos created in After Effects. This is because Camtasia is used to record our screens, but we are just scratching the surface if that is all we use it for. During this session, discover the five tips about how to take your Camtasia video to the next level.

Application on the Job:

  • Learn tips to help you edit your videos quicker and create custom animations similar to After Effects animations but without having to use a complex tool.
  • Discover how to easily track your videos with xAPI to see how your learners interact with your video.

Track: Platforms & Tools


Jeff Batt, Founder - Learning Dojo