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Virtual tech lab for adult learners. These 2-hour live sessions are fun, interactive, practical learning experiences. Participants will use popular learning technologies to create real-world programs that can be put to work immediately.

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Augmented Reality for L&D: Where, When, and How to Get Started
Augmented reality (AR) is widely available today in games, marketing, and now learning and development. The barriers to getting started are lower than ever but there is always the inevitable question. Where do I start? In this session, we will explore how AR can fit into your development workflow.You will be introduced to low-cost tools and resources that will make developing an AR project accessible,effective, and engaging. We will be hands-on in creating a custom AR experience. You will explore additional interactive AR examples, review uses cases, and story board methods for bringing your AR experience to life. You will leave this session with all of the information you need to get started with augmented reality.

Speaker: Destery Hildenbrand
Building an Adaptive Course in Storyline
I don't have time for this. I already know this stuff. Do I have to go through all of this?
How often have you heard complaints like these? Everybody's busy these days. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do something to lighten the load?
In this hands-on workshop, you'll use standard Storyline features to build a course that adapts itself to your audience, based on how they're doing in the course. You'll:
  • create a pretest to evaluate prior knowledge
  • use that information to allow your learners to skip content they know
  • set up remedial sections to give more content or practice to people who need it
  • develop a final test which ends as soon as someone passes or fails, instead of making them go through the rest of the test questions

Speaker: Simon Blair
Building Quizzes in Adobe Captivate
At the end of an e-learning assessment, a learner sees "Correct Answers", "Number of Questions", and "Accuracy". Wouldn't it be more helpful for her continuing education and for her supervisor to know in which areas she has the greatest success and weakness? In this session, we will use Adobe Captivate to develop an assessment using the test bank to select a certain number of questions based on the objectives in our course. We will establish the pass or fail overall score for the course, and build subscores for each objective that a learner must pass not only the entire test at 80%, but each objective at that level as well. The provided results will be more useful in focusing areas for reteaching and coaching for the learner and her company.

Speaker: Emily Wood
Cordial Collaborations with Your SME
As an Instructional Designer, whats the biggest challenge you face in eliciting intellectual knowledge from your SMEs? Is it retrieving what you need timely? Does the interaction lack a sense of collaboration and respect? Are you struggling for control of the direction of your project? Lets face it, to be successful you need information from your expert, while you also need to be able to ask questions and discuss gaps you want to fill in your learning unit. Learn and practice strategies to turn drama into dynamics and change control struggles into cordial collaborations with your SME.

Speaker: Paula Obrien
Create Dynamic Whiteboard Style Animation
New tools are making it possible to convey your content through whiteboard-style animations. How can you use these for marketing, presentations, or training, and how easy are they to create? Its probably easier than you think! In this session, you will experience how easy whiteboard-style scribes are to create and give you a new way to tell your content stories in a creative and innovative way.

Speaker: Dani Watkins
Develop Augmented Reality on Your iPad
Building AR experiences does not have to be complex or hard, you can build AR performance support experiences right on our iPad with Realities Composer or Adobe Aero. This means we can prototype, develop, and animate AR content right on our iPads and preview instantly without having to publish an app.
In this hands-on session you'll find out how to get started using these AR creation tools. You'll discover how to start developing simple 3D objects right on your iPad and how to add interactivity to them, creating an engaging learning experience that the learner can view on their own device and in their own environment.

Speaker: Jeff Batt
Engaging Virtual Training - PLUS the Application Assignment Participants Love!
Virtual classroom attendees usually ignore pre-work and other assignments. Virtual training technology is powerful and has made it easy to connect, yet L&D professionals still struggle with engagement. Interaction is key and using the features of the platform is the answer to interaction. However, the features alone do not engage the participants. It is what you choose to do with those features that will make the difference in your next virtual training and determine whether they do those application assignments or not!
Activities are the key to your success. Through them you'll learn to manage the technology, get attendees to actively engage, and help presenters have a great time too!

Speaker: Kassy LaBorie
Getting Started with Variables in Articulate Storyline
In this hands-on session, you'll take your fundamental knowledge of Articulate Storyline and learn how to further your abilities by applying advanced techniques. You'll learn how and when to use the three types of variables, along with conditional triggers, to create various types of custom interactions in Articulate Storyline. This session requires a working knowledge of Articulate Storyline, including the use of states, layers, and basic triggers.

Speaker: Tim Slade
Keep the Games Going in your eLearning
So many times, we spend hours building great one or two slide game like interactions that are engaging and really gets the learner interacting with the content. A few courses later you realize that great interaction would fit in so well with your new course, but you cant remember which course you put it in, where the source file is, let alone how you set up the triggers and variables! Or you find the slides and need to rebuild it because the look and feel of the course is different. Wouldnt it be great to have a library of interactions you could grab and customize to wow your audience!

Speaker: Stephanie Daul
Mapping the Future of Skills in the Workplace
Jobs are being overtaken by automation. People want skills that increase their employability and enable better internal mobility within their organizations. Organizations need to stay agile, productive and ahead of their competition. How do we as learning professionals overcome our own obstacles to embrace the new future of learning and help our organizations succeed in the new skills economy?
The learning industry is changing. We have an opportunity to shift the way we think about learning and how we partner with other groups in our companies to make learning happen.

Speaker: Darren Nerland
Paper Prototyping Learner Journey's for Better Learning Experience
You think you know the learners journey. But do you really? It's time to shed some light, pull back the curtain, and explore your learners true journey, their pain points, and the impact of your learning solutions. In this interactive workshop, you will productize your learning solutions, take a macro view of the learning experiences you create, and explore their impacts on the economics of learning within your organization. The end results of this workshop are the development of a complete reusable toolkit, applicable knowledge to drive innovation, and create impactful learning experiences that align with both the business and learners needs.

Speaker: Almira Roldan
Taking the Next Step - xAPI in eLearning Design
Are you ready to take your eLearning to the next level? Are you underwhelmed by out of the box xAPI provided in rapid development authoring tools? Are you curious about how to leverage the power of xAPI to make more engaging, and personalized eLearning? If so, this is the session for you.
We will move beyond out of the box functionality and see how xAPI can be used to facilitate adaptive learning, manage user preferences and even store instructor-graded activities. Roll-up your sleeves and we will code modules to take advantage of the xAPI specification to move boring, page-turner eLearning into content made for your learners. Well also discuss the impact this new ability has on the instructional design process.

Speaker: Debbie Richards
Virtual Classroom Platforms—Which One Should I Use?
Selecting the right virtual classroom platform can be challenging! There are so many programs available, each with its own sets of tools and features. And each platform offers a unique angle on virtual training classes. With all those differences, its hard to know which platform is right for your organization. In this session, you'll get to compare four different virtual classroom platforms: Adobe Connect, GoToTraining, WebEx Training Center and Zoom. You'll gain hands-on experience with their common features and explore what makes each one unique. Using a checklist that can be tailored to your organization, you'll begin to determine which platform might be best suited for your own virtual training programs.

Speaker: Cindy Huggett
Your First Lines of JavaScript for Apprehensive Beginners
You can learn to code! Even if you've said coding is not for me; or have attempted to learn but given up, this session is for you.
JavaScript is the language of eLearning. Used under the hood by your authoring tool and LMS, JavaScript also is a great way to extend learning experiences. Experienced JavaScript developers can build full-scale learning games and simulations using the language. However, all developers have to begin somewhere.
You'll leave this session having written and executed actual JavaScript code. More importantly, you'll understand that code and the process for creating larger JavaScript programs. Even if you're apprehensive, you'll gain a comfortable understanding of JavaScript fundamentals from this session.

Speaker: Mark Lassoff
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