Make a Business Case to Attend

Getting buy-in for conference attendance can be challenging but we hope to make it a little easier with these tools.

Step 1: Know the Costs (i.e. “the investment”)
Presenting the full cost of your attendance requires looking at more than just the cost of registration. Use this handy worksheet to approximate the total financial investment required for you to attend.

Step 2: Prove the Return on Investment (ROI)
Proving the value of your attendance may sound daunting but if you know the outcome(s) you want to influence, drawing an objective is relatively simple. Ask yourself, what is your main purpose for attending? For example, is it to meet contacts facing the same issues your organization is facing? Or to find solutions you’re not aware of? The key is to focus on how your attendance can benefit the organization.

Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve any challenges you and your department or organization are looking to solve. Additionally, list the exhibitors you plan to visit; if you’re currently reviewing vendors, this is the perfect opportunity to set up demos and see the products and services up close.

Step 3: Make Your Case to Attend
This step is all about the art of persuasion. Whether it’s through an informal ask or by submitting a more formal request, you’ll want to employ convincing communication techniques such as utilizing credibility, knowing your audience, starting with a strong opening, and holding your audience’s attention. Download this letter template as a starting point for making your case to attend.