In today’s economy, every dollar has to be justified, and so does the time away from your office. You know TechKnowledge is worth the time and financial investment. Now let’s convince your boss.

Find Real Solutions to Your Top Challenges. With more than 150 sessions focused around eight content tracks, the conference will teach you how to integrate technology into the design, delivery, and management of your talent development efforts. You’ll also determine the best strategies and solutions for your organization.

Meet and Learn From the Trendsetters. Our speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are at the forefront of the industry. They won’t just be presenting to you; they’ll be sitting next to you and having lunch with you. This is your opportunity to find out how to stay ahead of the curve!

Networking. Meet 1,500 of your peers who are also passionate about the intersection of technology and learning. This is your chance to get up close and personal with them (ok, maybe not that personal). You’ll walk away with a new set of contacts to bounce ideas off of and learn best practices from. 

Stay Relevant. If you want to be and stay relevant in our profession, you must embrace, understand, and integrate technology into your work. There is no better place to learn how to do this successfully than at TechKnowledge. 

Inspire Your Team. Take what you learn from TechKnowledge and share it with your team. You’ll have the tools and know-how to integrate technology into your talent development practices. It’s not just about your personal development. By successfully integrating technology into your talent development practice, you’ll improve your organization’s bottom line!

Tools for Convincing
Use the following tools to demonstrate the tangible benefits of attending to your boss. These tools will also show that you are serious, and have done your research.

Sample Manager Letter
Customize this letter to your manager to help him understand why TechKnowledge is one of the most cost-effective and useful conferences for you.

Session and Exhibitor Worksheet
Customize this worksheet to outline the sessions you will attend, and detail how these sessions will help solve any challenges you and your department are looking to solve. Additionally, list the exhibitors you plan to visit; if you’re currently reviewing vendors, this is the perfect opportunity to set up demos and see the products and services up close.

Expense Worksheet
Fill out this worksheet to approximate the financial investment required for you to attend.