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XRGoesPop: Understanding the Future Across Multiple Realities (Live Streamed)

Feb 09, 2023
We live in a world of multiple realities—augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and virtual beings. From this evolution emerges the growing discipline of XR, defined by Helen Papagiannis, PhD, as analysis "across realities." As on her brilliantly interactive website XRGoesPop, this talk offers a fascinating and cutting-edge look at the way these cross-realities are permeating contemporary culture, from high, to low, to pop (and everything in between). In her trademark nimble speaking style, Papagiannis documents how these extensions of reality are informing and advancing culture through art, fashion, music, games, and celebrity. Don’t think that this is simply about art and entertainment. Rather, as Papagiannis articulates, popular culture is a mirror through which we can track trends related to commerce and politics. What does XR mean to you and your business? Papagiannis will ask you all the right questions, helping you discern the realities you and your organization should be preparing to explore.
Helen Papagiannis - Augmented Reality Expert

Target Audience

Developer, Director/Executive, Instruction Designer, Manager, Trainer/Facilitator

Session Type

General Session

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