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2023 Agenda

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Time to Rethink: Designing Digital Training for the Modern Learner

Feb 06, 2023
Ever wonder why after your learners finish an e-learning course, their behavior doesn't change, or why learners "just don’t seem to get it"? While the course may be interactive, it may not be effective. Typical training approaches no longer fit the modern worker's crowded schedule. Instead, new approaches are better at igniting performance. In this session, you'll reimagine your e-learning and video approach to ignite behavior change. Through real examples, you'll examine how inquiry learning can replace traditional methods for better skill adoption. You'll analyze ineffective solutions and explore techniques to improve them. You'll see the role of reflection and leave with practical tips to apply to your next project.
Danielle Wallace, Chief Learning Strategist - Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning
Jelena Marjanovic, Senior Digital Learning Experience Designer - Beyond the Sky: Custom Learning

Application on the Job 1

Use an inquiry learning framework for e-learning and video that’s effective with modern learners.

Application on the Job 2

Create effective performance support tools as part of your learning ecosystem.

Application on the Job 3

Write compelling text.

Target Audience

Instructional Designer

Session Type