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2023 Agenda

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Easy Ways to Get Started With Immersive Training: Fireside Chat With Debbie Richards

Feb 08, 2023
The facilitators will discuss the benefits of immersive training, how companies are using immersive learning to onboard, upskill, and retain their employees, and cost-effective ways to get started.

Sponsored By:
Heath Shatouhy, Chief Commercial Officer - Immerse
Debbie Richards, President - Creative Interactive Ideas

Application on the Job 1

Allow employees to interact with equipment that would be difficult or dangerous in a real-life training environment with technical skills virtual reality (VR) training.

Application on the Job 2

Combine VR with soft skills training so employees can improve their skills in some of the most essential areas of professional development.

Application on the Job 3

Transform corporate culture with a VR environment by enabling disparate teams to better collaborate and foster healthy colleague relationships.

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Session Type

Solution Session