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What's in It for Me? Stakeholder Buy-In for xAPI

Feb 08, 2023
Technology Strategy for Leaders
In this session, you’ll explore the key drivers for decision makers from the C-suite to frontline supervisors. You’ll focus on the benefits and results that impact your stakeholders—not the underlying technology—to sell your xAPI project internally. This session will highlight common challenges to new learning technology purchases and guide you around potential roadblocks. Case studies from successful implementations will be used to help paint a picture of xAPI benefits. You’ll leave with a list of free and low-cost resources to get your first pilot project off the ground.
Duncan Welder, Director of Client Services - RISC Inc

Application on the Job 1

Discover the benefits that xAPI-enabled projects can bring to your organization.

Application on the Job 2

Learn motivators for stakeholders at different levels of your organization.

Application on the Job 3

Identify the key challenges and responses to learning technology projects from various levels of management.

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