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2023 Agenda

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Portfolio Reviews

Feb 08, 2023
Instructional design portfolios are an opportunity to show potential employers or clients who you are, what you can do, and what it would be like to work with you. Sign up to meet with an industry expert to receive customized feedback on your portfolio. Together, you’ll evaluate whether your portfolio showcases your skills and experience and identify areas of improvement. Your reviewer will offer you feedback on elements such as: the visual layout, quality of the overall portfolio, how to present your ID process, and which projects and content authoring tools you choose to share. Spaces is limited and sign up is required. Please bring a device to share your online portfolio. Sign up here.
Sarah Mercier, CEO - Learning Ninjas
Amy Morrisey, President - Artisan E-Learning
Cait Quinn, Senior Manager - Instructional Design - SiriusXM, Inc.
Ann Rollins, Chief Solutions Architect | VP of Custom Solutions - The Ken Blanchard Companies
Tim Slade, Creator - The eLearning Designer's Academy
Carla Torgerson, Head of Learning Experience Strategy - TorranceLearning

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