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Transforming Tech Experts Into Skilled Business Leaders

Feb 08, 2023
Technology Strategy for Leaders
According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, the top 10 jobs of 2025 are all technical roles. But only two of the top 10 skills necessary are technical—the other eight skills are leadership and business related.
This difference highlights the growing need for leadership and management skills in the technology workforce. Typically, a technical professional is promoted to a managerial role because they excel in a functional role. But managing people and delivering results with a team requires an entirely new skill set. Tech leaders need to be able to explain how writing a piece of code can enable an organization to deliver on its business goals or speak to senior leadership to make a business case for their team’s work.
Join Rashim Mogha, general manager of Skillsoft Leadership and Business Solutions, for an informative discussion on the best practices for developing technical talent into skilled business leaders.

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Rashim Mogha, General Manager of Leadership and Business - Skillsoft

Application on the Job 1

Build a technology leadership pipeline that can give your organization a competitive edge.

Application on the Job 2

Assess the leadership development needs of your IT managers to develop a successful training strategy.

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Deploy a mix of formal learning and real-world application to develop effective tech leaders.

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